What are the Different Types of Microblading?

We all are aware that eyebrows can either make or break your look. Hence, people put in a reasonable amount of time to ensure that their eyebrows are well made. In the present time, the number of shapes and procedures available for getting the perfect eyebrows is insane.

Among many such procedures, microblading is one too. However, this particular procedure isn’t a stand-alone. But has many different types to it. If you are someone who wants to know about Microblading and various types of it, then read below.

What are the Different Types of Microblading?

Microblading while is a common term and many people have heard about it. We are sure you must not be aware of its many types. Yes! Microblading while is a small word, the types associated with it are vast. If you want to learn about all the types of microblading, then you have come to the right place. Hop on below. 

  • Traditional Microblading

The most common type of microblading and it works best for those with dry to normal skin. In this procedure, the beautician uses a blade-like tool manually to pigment your eyebrows. They then create razor-like fine lines on your eyebrow’s dermal-epidermal junction in order to establish a semi-permanent color.

Once this is done, the eyebrows might look red and swelling. However, it goes away with good aftercare within a day or two.

  • Nano Brows

Another great way to enhance and give your eyebrows a well-definition is this Nano brow technique. The Nano Brow technique further has two ways in which it is performed.

To start is a technique that is somewhat similar to the traditional microblading. In this, a manual blade is used to create minor strokes in the skin, similar to the method mentioned above. However, the difference with the manual way of Nano brows is that it uses a blade tiny in size. Hence, it targets even the thinnest and slimmest hair on the brows.

The second sub-technique in the Nano brow procedure is inclined towards machine use. In this, only a single needle is used compared to the many used in the manual process. Hence, this process creates less redness or trauma.

The best part about the Nano brows procedure is that it works on all skin types. So if you have an oily skin, this is your best bet to get.

  • Blade and Shade

We mentioned above that traditional microblading works best for people with dry skin. However, this doesn’t mean that oily skin people cannot benefit from it. The blade and shade procedure is what works best for those with oily skin.

The Blade and Shade procedure typically works like the microblading or Nano brows process. However, the difference is that the beautician can later shade the eyebrows in lighter or darker colors depending on the client’s performance. 

This shading effect helps put in a more well-defined look and gives fullness to the brows. This procedure works best for people who want the microblading process. However, they also desire the depth of the shade according to their preference.

If you want the best of both these worlds, how about opting for this sub-type of microblading?

  • Powder Brows

Considering it is a type of microblading, it works almost on the same principles as above. However, blade and shade are what it resembles the most in terms of technique.

The only difference with the powder brows procedure is that it is inclined more towards machine shading. Hence, there are no single strokes, and the machine targets the entire brow simultaneously on how dark or light shade you want. The needle used in this procedure is different and somewhat larger in size than all other processes. However, in some cases, the technique can also use a number of needles encircled on a blade.

How Will I know which Procedure is the Best for Me?

There is no hard and fast rule in determining which procedure will work best for you. The best way is to understand all processes and then decide what you think will work in favor of you.

However, before going through any procedure, it is always recommended to take a consultation session. This ensures that the beautician or dermatologist you are getting the procedure from knows about your eyebrows and how they look. Moreover, only they can give you clear further guidance on whether you should get your desired type of procedure or something else will work best for you.


Microblading is a process that holds many sub-types to it. However, if you heard about those sub-types and it left you confused. Then we hope this article was sufficient to update you on all its types.

Here is to hoping that you find your favorite eyebrow procedure and carry it with style.