Are you conscious about your natural eyebrows? You do not need to worry if they have deformed because you can restore or save them using the microblading technique. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic solution that utilizes a small, handheld tool to transfer pigment into your skin. Moreover, it creates strokes with blades that mimic natural, individual brow hairs. It is a time-taking yet worthy treatment.

What to expect after Microblading Surgery?

Besides the years of success, people still worry about the results and healing process, and it is natural. As microblading involves mini cuts, it is crucial to understand how the healing process will proceed.

It generally takes almost 25 to 30 days, but the healing process starts right after surgery. However, recovery speed depends on skin type, ad and overall health. Moreover, during the initial 10 to 12 days, the appearance of eyebrows will vary. The texture, definition, and color will alter almost every day. You may feel sensations, tightness, and pain that will turn into flaking and itchiness in the coming days.

However, the result of microblading will last 18 to 30 months. Nonetheless, you will do touch-ups every 12 to 16 months according to the looks you want. Every touch-up process will take the same recovery time.

Microblading Day-by-Say Healing Guide

If you plan to get microblading done for the first time, you should be sure about the healing process. Since it is a long process and a bit of a painful process, you will not be disappointed. However, here we have mentioned the process for what you can expect after the procedure.

·       Day 1 to 3

On the first day of surgery, eyebrows will look darker and fuller. However, the color may look too dark, but eventually, it will fade with time. It is part of the healing process. Moreover, you can expect redness, mild swelling, and bleeding on the forehead and around the eyes. By days 2 and 3, the side effects will become less severe.

·       Day 3 to 5

Since the tenderness, pain, and bleeding have faded, now the eyebrows will look intense, darker, and thicker. They will look very bold, almost unnatural. But, by day 5, the skin will begin to scab. It can be flaky and extremely itchy. However, this is natural and normal, which implies your skin is healing.

·       Day 5 to 8

During 5 to 8 days, you can expect intense flaking, scabbing, and peeling, but avoid scratching scabs, which can disrupt the healing process by reopening the wound. Moreover, it may also remove pigment that can cause patchy eyebrows. Allows skin scabs to flake off naturally.

The darker color will lose intensity with the brows flaking, and the natural color will come back.

·       Day 8 to 12

After the first week of the surgery, side effects will reduce. For example, the flaking will eventually stop, and the natural color will start appearing.

·       Day 12 to 21

The eyebrow’s color will become more natural and even. The individual hair of brows will look more defined and result in feathery, natural eyebrows.

·       Day 21 to 30

Your skin will take a whole month to recover completely. After that, you will not feel any pain and discomfort. Moreover, the eyebrows will look softer and fuller.

·       Day 42

However, after another month or two, you should get a follow-up appointment with your provider in order to make sure everything is alright. This will allow them to check on the condition of your skin as well as fix any spot if required.

By now, you will have a clear idea about the shape and looks of your eyebrow. Moreover, the best thing is that now your provider can change the color and shape if you want or require. The follow-up process will take an hour or two, but the healing process will be the same. Nonetheless, it will last only 5 to 7 days.

Microblading after the Touch-Up Session

It is quite normal for cosmetic surgery results to fade away with time. Therefore, after the first micro-blading session, you will require a regular touch-up session to maintain color, shape, and texture. Generally, touch-up sessions are recommended after every 12 to 18 weeks, but it also depends on pigment. For some people, pigment fades away quickly, so they may require more frequent sessions.

 Microblading typically lasts for one to three years, after which you will need to get it redone.


The healing process of the microblading technique is long, but the results are worth it. Initially, the skin will feel tenderness, bleeding, swelling, etc. however, within one month, your eyebrow will look thicker, darker, feathery, and natural foremost.

It is natural and normal for the skin to flake and peel as blades damage the skin. Therefore, avoid scratching and picking at the skin that will reopen the cuts and interrupt the healing process to get the best result.