Microblading Eyebrows – a Technique Guaranteeing Prominent Brows

Isn’t it embarrassing to see your eyebrow fading during a pool party? Definitely, it is. Therefore, you need to acknowledge the microblading technique. It can give your eyebrow a semi-permanent pigment that looks natural. Moreover, this pigment will neither fade nor drain in the water. The effect of the microbladed eyebrows can last anywhere from one year to three years. However, it all depends on the exposure to the sunlight and the precautions you follow. Since the process is semi-permanent, there are many things that you should consider before the procedure. Therefore, this article will help you get what you need to know.

What is the Procedure of Microblading?

Before beginning the procedure, the technician will measure your eyebrows to determine the size, depth, and width. It will help him create the best suitable and natural shape.

Usually, the brow mapping takes longer than the blading procedure because it is a crucial step to ensure results. Moreover, the technician advises avoiding fish-oil tablets, ibuprofen, and such supplements because they are blood thinner. Therefore, they can cause excessive blood loss during the procedure.

Then the technician will clean the tools with alcohol to avoid infection and post-surgery side effects. After that, he will begin the process by making an incision. However, dry skin retains better pigment as compared to other skins. So, if your skin stays oily in all weather, you will have to go for frequent touch-ups.

Who needs Microblading?

Microblading eyebrows does not only provide solutions for thin and sparse brows, but if you are blessed with naturally beautiful brows, it can enhance the shape, color, and density. However, the results are usually more prominent for people with short or thin eyebrows.

How does Microblading Help Eyebrows Look Beautiful?

Eyebrows are one of the most eminent parts of the face. It enhances or destroys your looks. However, it is natural to feel unconfident if you do not have good eyebrows. Here begins the game of microblading. It enhances the looks by

·       Improving shape

The first and foremost benefit of this blading technique is that it improves shapes. Due to any accident or mishap, some people lose their shape. Moreover, some people have naturally thin and short brows. Whatever the reason is, distorted eyebrows affect the look. But, microblading is a natural solution to your problem. During the procedure, the technician can draw your desired shape or the one that suits you best.

·       Giving fuller look

Apart from the shape, thin eyebrows are also a worth mentioning problem. Due to thin eyebrows, you need to fill them again and again before going out. Indeed, it is too tiring. Therefore, this blading technique is an ultimate solution to inconvenience.

With the procedure, the provider adds perfectly matched pigment to your skin. Fortunately, it does not fade away with one wash and gives a fuller look too thin eyebrow. Furthermore, it looks quite natural and fluffy.

Do you have to Pluck Eyebrows after Microblading?

The technician will deposit pigment during this aesthetic treatment to enhance facial features. However, this treatment does not permanently add neither pigment nor remove any hair. Therefore, the eyebrows’ hair will continue to grow as before. If you want to maintain the shape, you might require plucking after the treatment.

How long do the Microblading Results Last?

Usually, the technicians inform patients before surgery that it is a semi-permanent procedure. It gives long-term results but cannot last forever. However, the average life of the result is somewhat between 1 to 3 years.

Indeed, the process is almost similar to the tattooing process, but it is entirely different. Tattoo artists insert the ink below the dermis, but in microblading eyebrows, the technician inserts ink above the dermis.

Moreover, depending on the desired look and skin type, you will have to undergo touch-ups regularly. If your skin is oily, the pigment will not last long. It is because the oil secretion will make it difficult for the skin to adhere to pigment.

However, you are more likely to get a longer result if you have dry skin, but touch-ups are still mandatory. In the process, the color is filled in again. But if you wait longer for touch-ups than the recommended period, you will have to face adverse results. Consequently, you may have to undergo the entire blading process again.


Microblading is gaining momentum with every passing day because of its safe and effective procedure. Nevertheless, it is natural to be cautious about any treatment that includes needles and a long healing time. But this blading process is a safe as well as effective procedure.

Moreover, it can enhance natural features by filling and reshaping the brows. You can go for this process without second thoughts if you are also facing eyebrow hair fall.