Young woman gets facial beauty procedure, microblading procedure on woman eye at beauty salon

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow tattooing technique that can last up to three years. The technique uses a small blade to create hair-like strokes in the eyebrow area, filling in any areas that may be sparse or missing. Contrary to popular belief, Microblading does not hurt as much as people think it will.

Sure, the process feels a bit like plucking your eyebrows, but the sensation lasts for just a few seconds. And unlike traditional tattoos, Microblading doesn’t require any downtime post-procedure. You can go right back to your everyday routine after your appointment.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of tattooing that creates either subtle or dramatic eyebrows by using fine needles to deposit pigment under your skin. Microblading is a technique used to create brows that look real. The initial treatment may take a few hours, and the eyebrows will be darker right after. The color might fade after a few weeks and will need a touch-up.

The results can last for up to 3 years but need to be touched up about every 18 months. The exact amount of time it will last depends on factors such as your skin type and what products you use after treatment.

How Does Microblading Work?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that uses a small blade to create thin, hair-like strokes on the skin. The pigment is deposited into the uppermost layer of the skin, and the strokes are designed to mimic natural eyebrow hair.

Is Microblading Painful?

Microblading is a relatively painless process. You may feel a slight pinch when the pigment is inserted into the skin, but most people report that the procedure is comfortable. It typically doesn’t hurt as much as a regular tattoo, but you can keep in mind your pain tolerance.

Microblading doesn’t have as much pain involved as a tattoo. During Microblading, your practitioner will apply numbing cream on you first to make sure you don’t feel any discomfort. It lasts for about 30 minutes, and when it’s washed off, there is still some numbing leftover in your skin. You may feel a slight pinch but no extreme pain that could cause you to writhe or freak out from it.

Microblading Procedure

The Microblading procedure itself is relatively simple. It involves the following steps such as:

  1. Consultation

The first step is to have a consultation with the technician to discuss what you want and what would be the best design for your face. They will also go over the healing process and what you need to do to make sure your eyebrows look their best.

  1. Preparation

The technician will then clean your eyebrows and mark where they will be Microbladed. They will then numb the area with a topical anesthetic.

  1. Microblading

The technician will then start Microblading your eyebrows. It involves using a fine blade to create tiny strokes that look like hair. It may take up to two hours to complete the process.

4) Healing Process

After the Microblading is complete, the technician will apply a healing ointment and bandage your eyebrows. You will need to keep the area clean and dry for the next few days. It can take up to two weeks for the body to heal.

Finally, you’ll be given some aftercare instructions and sent on your way!

Instructions For Microblading Aftercare

After your treatment, be sure to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your Microblading technician. This will help avoid any complications and ensure a smooth healing process.

These may include the following:

  • Make sure the area is clean and dry.
  • To help your eyebrows heal quickly, apply coconut oil twice a day.
  • For a week to ten days, avoid touching, rubbing, picking, or soaking the brow area.
  • Don’t use makeup in the area for at least a week.
  • When you have a rash, avoid using harsh skincare products.
  • Sunbeds and direct sunlight should be avoided.
  • For a few weeks, try to prevent sweat.

People Experience

Some people may experience bruising or tenderness following a Microblading procedure. This is normal and should go away within a day. Although your skin should not appear injured, it may appear red. In a few days after the wounds heal, people may feel as though you had a sunburn.

What Are The Pros Of Microblading?

-Get larger, more natural-looking brows

-No more need for expensive and time-consuming eyebrow products or procedures

-Last up to 18 months with proper care

-Customizable to your individual requirements and interests

-An easy solution to regain eyebrows


-Long-lasting results

-Painless, effective, and secure

What are the Cons of Microblading?

Makeup removal can be a dangerous process if done with unsterile or low-quality equipment. It can lead to many skin issues, such as scars. It is expensive and should be avoided if possible. Skin reactions such as allergies can potentially occur during the Microblading process.

Final Thought

Microblading is a relatively new beauty treatment that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Here, we’ll discuss what Microblading is, how it works, and how painful it is. We’ll also cover the procedure and any risks associated with it. If you’re considering getting Microbladed , be sure to read this article first! We hope you found this article helpful.